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God's grace and peace and blessings are for you! We are grateful that you have crossed our path and we hope to worship with you soon. As a church we seek to grow closer to God and to one another, believing that communion with God goes hand-in-hand with fellowship and service.

Our spiritual growth is grounded in heartfelt worship, prayer, loving service, and teaching and preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ in Scripture. We have a fantastic youth ministry spearheaded by our Youth Council made up of parents and local educators in the Sherman area. We have a great music program, engaging praise dancers and mimes , a vibrant women's ministry, a dedicated men' ministry, and a faithful, community-involved usher board.

If you are searching for a church home, we invite you to worship with us. Our blended worship led by Rev. Stell (link to Our Pastor) builds on tried-and-true traditions while being open to new expressions of God's Spirit. Our Children' Church and Sunday School extend God's spiritual nourishment to all ages, and you will not find a more friendly congregation.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family!

Minister Of Music Applicants

As a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as an Associate Minister of Greater New Hope Baptist Church, the Minister of Music will be expected to:

1. Seek to grow ever-closer to the Lord and serve Him with your whole heart, developing personal practices and disciplines that support this goal.
2. Live your life and perform your work in loving service to Christ, to Christ's Church, and to all God's children.
3. Conduct your personal and public affairs in a manner that is above reproach so as to give glory to God and not to present a stumbling block to the saints or the world.
4. Participate in services of worship which may include preaching the Word, leading in prayer, offering Spirit-led teaching/testimonies, etc., as requested by the Pastor.
5. Provide encouragement, exemplary behavior, and spiritual support to the musicians and choir members under your charge.
6. Repent and seek forgiveness when you fall short of these intentions.
7. If unable to affirm and uphold these requirements of ministry you will inform the Pastor and be prepared to step down if requested.

The Minister of Music shall fulfill the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Provide music for Sunday morning worship services, praying with the Pastor, Associate Ministers, and Deacons ten minutes prior to the beginning of worship.
2. Be responsible for the leadership of the following choirs: adult choir; children's choir (third Sunday); women's choir; men's choir; any special music or choirs.
3. Prepare for Sunday worship services by selecting, teaching, and leading weekly rehearsals with the appropriate choir.
4. Assemble, organize, and lead all the musicians needed for Sunday morning worship and choir rehearsals. Enlist and direct any assistants who will help lead the choirs. Provide appropriate training and direction for all musicians participating in the program.
5. Welcome and recruit participation from all age groups within the congregation. Provide support, encouragement, training and spiritual direction for all choir members and musicians.
6. Establish a weekly schedule for rehearsals, letting choir members know at least one week in advance of any changes to or cancellations of the schedule. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Minister of Music will implement a system for notifying choir members and musicians of the changes.
7. Be responsible for the purchase of all necessary music and music supplies within the budgeted amounts. Explore and make available new material and resources to enhance the music program.
8. Submit a yearly budget in support of the music ministry, requesting expenses for the purchase of music and music supplies, including maintenance and/or repair of the church organ, piano, or electronic/sound equipment.
9. Participate with the Pastor, pastoral staff, Deacons, and other leaders of the Church in furthering congregational goals and growth.

Please submit resumes and documents to Rev. Steve Stell:

9:00-9:50 am - Christian Education Hour

10:00 am - Morning Worship

June - August is Casual Summer


7:00pm -Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

7:00pm -Usher Meeting


5:30pm - Youth Bible Study/Choir Practice

7:00pm -Senior Ushers

7:30pm -Choir Practice


8:00am - Third Saturday Men's Breakfast