1YOUTH & CHILDREN MINISTRY: Our Youth Ministry, exists for one purpose to help children know, love, and follow God with all their hearts, souls and strength. The Youth Ministry provides a safe, fun, enriching environment for your child to learn about Christ and discover how to love others and become a faithful Christian. Our goal is to provide your child with the physical care and spiritual training that will build within him the right concept about the church, God, and Jesus. Our prayer is for each child to grow up in a Christian home, and for each of us to exhibit understanding and cooperation as we work together for the good of your child.
During service we have a nursery for mothers with young children. Our nursery is for infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age.

Greater New Hope Baptist Church

722 E Pecan St. Sherman, Texas 75090 (903)893-2364
Pastor: Rev. Steve Stell (903) 271-7775
Youth Director: Sis. Doris Crockett (903)819-3615
Assist. Youth Director: Sis. Faye Wilson (903) 814-9928

1DANCE AND MIME MINISTRY: The purpose of the dance and mime ministry is to glorify Jesus Christ through the art of dance. Some people receive deliverance from hearing a spoken word, or listening to an awesome song. Yet, there are those who are blessed by seeing a song brought to life through dance or mime. The goal of this ministry is to give people a visual blessing from God. Our mission is to keep praising the Lord, and teach that dance praise and acting can be pleasing in the eyes of God and a blessing for our fellow man.

1ADULT BIBLE CLASS: The Adult Bible Study and Prayer meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays in the church sanctuary. Every month we encounter a new biblical teaching lead by Pastor Stell and each session includes a time of fellowship and sharing concerns. The design of this class is to lead people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to build mature Christians by engaging people in evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry and worship in an atmosphere of compassion where the gospel can be shared.

1MUSIC MINISTRY:The music ministry of a church is important for the entire congregation. For the unsaved, it sets the mood for them to hear the gospel and receive the gift of salvation. For the newly saved, it should be exciting enough to awaken them to hear the Word of God for instruction. For the more mature, it sets the mood for praise and worship of the Lord. Here at Greater New Hope we are blessed to have two high quality church choirs. Both groups worship through Christ-honoring music whose goal is to bring delight and glory to God in corporate praise and worship during worship services.

1SICK & SHUT-IN MINISTRY: The purpose of the Sick and Shut-In Ministry's is to help meet the spiritual needs of the members of Greater New Hope Baptist Church that are unable to attend Sunday services, Tuesday Night Bible Studies, Church supported functions or any other church services.

Our Deacons Ministry help fulfill this goal by making visitations or telephone calls designed to comfort, enlighten, inform, encourage, strengthen, sympathize with and pray for or with those members.

1WOMEN'S MINISTRY: It's our desire to provide opportunities for women, in every stage of life, to enter a relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in the knowledge of Him. Only Jesus can fill the God-longing in every heart. We seek His guidance to develop lifestyle specific programs that equip 21st Century women to lead balanced, satisfying, virtuous and victorious lives. With that thought in mind, we invite you to come out and serve with us and we serve Him. Greater New Hope’s Women’s Ministry offers many opportunities for women to “Grow” and “Go” in Christ’s name. We “Grow” through Bible Study and Discipleship opportunities. We “Go” through various opportunities to help others in our community.

1COMPUTER MINISTRY: This ministry seeks to bridge the digital divide by teaching computer classes. This ministry is open for the young and old to come to the church and learn computer skills that will help you grow in the technological age.

1EVANGELISM AND MISSIONS MINISTRY: Prior to his ascension into heaven, Jesus told his disciples to be witnesses to [him] in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. (Acts 1:8) Since these were Jesus last words, it is imperative that we make them our first priority.

Greater New Hope has many different ministries that reach its Jerusalem. As Christians we are called to impact the areas closest to home but we are also called to move beyond home to the places farthest away from us. We are called to the whole world and not just the part outside our back door.

1AUDIO/VIDEO MINISTRY: The Audio / Video department provides reproduction of services, programs, and events for Greater New Hope Baptist Church and its Auxiliaries. We also maintain a library of all recorded events and distribute copies as requested. If you are interested in a copy of a previous services or program, please review our inventory list and submit a request.

Most services are available on audio CD and video DVD format.

1INTERCESSORY PRAYER MINISTRY: This ministry desires to train up God’s people into the knowledge, faith, power and application of intercessory prayer in order to lift up the Name of Jesus and to intercede on behalf of others, by boldly approaching the throne of grace, while speaking to God and listening from God. -And He spake a parable unto this end, that men should always pray and not faint. Luke 18:1 .