We believe our youth have the ability to do anything imaginable; they can live saved, excel in school, achieve their dreams and enjoy life. Our mission is to produce young men and women of God who love Him and are fulfilling their purpose and destiny. In this world we live in our youth are faced with many distractions and obstacles, so our goal is to incorporate activities and programs that will lead them in the right direction while showing them who they are in God.

Our vision is to have discussions that deal with biblical principals for real life issues. In our discussions we talk about who God is, who they are, peer pressure, relationships and many other pressing topics. With the leading of our Youth Council, we have services that uplift our youth in word and praise. Along with fostering the spiritual development of our youth, we also plan to have events and activities for their social development. Group fellowship allows the young brothers to interact, relate and learn from each other. They get a chance to enjoy sporting events, weekend getaways, college tours, movies and much, much more. These events give them time to use their energy in a positive way. Mentoring promotes relationship and relationship produces spiritual and natural growth.




Greater New Hope fosters a youth ministry which is designed to inspire and help our youth reach their full potential in God. As technology is a vehicle today to communicate via the web we invite you to discuss your topics openly on our blog. We do ask however that you remember this is a Christian Site and comments made should be made with the up most respect towards each other.